Bitcoin - what is it? how do I get it? and how can I spend it?

With Cash Forex Group not only do you purchase the academy products with Bitcoin but you are paid in Bitcoin to your Bitcoin wallet.

What is Bitcoin - 2 Minute Overview 

How To Buy Bitcoin - 2 Minute Overview 


There are many Crypto wallets you can choose from. Please do your own research for a crypto wallet that you are comfortable with. The most secure wallets are hardware wallets and the least secure are software wallets. 


You might discover a good wallet provider in your country that offers phone and online chat support.


For New Zealand / Australia 

Dasset is a leading platform for buying and trading bitcoin and other digital currencies and is located in New Zealand. Dasset provides free phone service and online chat service for local support and is open to the public during normal business hours. 

Click here to get a Dasset Wallet

Other Wallets

Click here to get a Coinbase Wallet

  • High liquidity and buying limits

  • An easy way for newcomers to get bitcoins

  • "Instant Buy" option available with a debit card

Click here to get a Coinmama Wallet

  • Works in almost all countries

  • Highest limits for buying bitcoins with a credit card

  • Reliable and trusted broker

How To Spend Your Bitcoin

Visa Cards

There are several multi-currency VISA cards out there that allow digital and traditional currency spending

WIREX - a multi-currency VISA card. 

Introducing the next-generation Wirex travelcard. It gives you the power to spend digital and traditional currencies seamlessly, everywhere Visa is accepted.

  • Save money with a free fiat-to-fiat exchange, free international ATM withdrawals, no card or account fees, and high limits.

  • Globetrotting? The Wirex Visa card is a multicurrency card that automatically makes payments in the local currency without exchange fees.

  • Your card supports 150+ currencies and is accepted at more than 54m locations with free ATM withdrawals worldwide, making it the perfect travel companion

  • The card is FREE and shipping is FREE as well


Using a currency exchange like "Binance" is another way you can convert your Bitcoin to FIat currency.



There is many companies now worldwide now accepting Bitcoin click here for a list of 11 of the major companies where you can spend your Bitcoin