CFX Sales Funnel System

Perry Tarawa

Hi, thanks for your interest in our Cash Forex Sales Funnel System. 

The purchase price for our CFX Sales Funnel is $85.00 One-Time (in your currency)


To use this Sales Funnel you will need the following 

  • An automated email marketing system like Aweber, Get Response, Mailer Lite ETC, most of these systems have a FREE plan that typically includes 500 to 1000 subscribers

  • Once you have your email marketing system ready please email me the username and change the password to test1234 as I will need access to build and code a form to integrate with Wix. Once completed you can then change the password back.

  • Once you have all the details simply complete the form below.

Your Sales Funnel Comes Bundled With The Following

  • A copy that is personalised for you and includes

    • a 1min 40sec intro video

    • a sign in form connected to an automated email marketing service

      • I prefer to work with Aweber

      • however happy to look at other services like Get Response, Mailer Lite etc

    • building your Aweber form inside your Aweber account

    • creating a list with the correct settings inside your Aweber account

    • setting up your Aweber campaign for double Optin emails

    • setting up your Aweber Email Campaign

    • uploading 8 strategic pre-written emails that automatically sent out to your sign up over a 2 week period


  • A Thankyou/Presentation Page that includes

    • a video presentation about Cash Forex

    • video testimonials  

    • bonuses you can offer to your prospects. (information about the bonuses will be automatically emailed to your prospect)


  • A Sign Up Page that includes

    • a coded button directed to your Cash Forex Group referral link

Please Note: 
Your Sales Funnel pages will be located on my personal Wix account.
Information about Bitcoin, where to buy it and how to use it to pay for Cash Forex is emailed to your prospect 

Sales Funnel Additional Changes

If you want to change or modify the standard sales funnel for example

  • add/change video testimonials

  • add/change video presentations

  • add/change the background

  • add/change word phases

this will be done on a case by case basis and priced accordingly. Use the contact details below to send me a request. 

Preview Sales Funnel 

Click the Test Drive links below to view the two different types of sales funnels that are currently available. The teste funnels will continue to rotator over and over again.  


Place Your Order & Pay


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Pay With Bitcoin

Send $85.00 worth of Bitcoin in your currency

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Perry Tarawa

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