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Cash Forex Group

Perry Tarawa

Hi, thanks for dropping by. There are several amazing online Forex Trading systems.

I would like to outline why I moved from Tradera to Cash Forex Group. 

Tradera is a great company and you can earn great residual income as I have done with a good size team  

Here is just a few reasons why I am now working with Cash Forex Group.  

  • One-time payment  

  • No monthly recurring payment  

  • 100% of people have success and stay    

  • Complete Forex automated passive income earner  

  • Multiple Income Streams​​

    • PASSIVE INCOME (Bearish Capital)

      • done for you Forex Trading

      • no recruiting required

      • more time freedom

      • no impact on your current financial circumstances

    • TEAM BUILDING INCOME (Bullish Capital)

      • 50% Fast Start Bonus​ (earn every time someone you invite purchases one of the academy packages and every time that person upgrades through the different tier levels.)

      • 50% Uni-Level Bonus (earn additional income as your team grows and as you qualify further into the Leadership program you will eventually earn from your entire organization)    

      • Forced 3 x 10 Matrix Bonus (earn additional income whether you are a Bear customer (passive earner) or a Bull team builder from the 20% withdrawal fee. Earn a 10% matching bonus on your invites matrix earnings.    


      • Learn at your own pace from beginner to advanced how to become a professional Forex Trader and make your own forex trades 

Income Streams

Rewards Plans

no monthly recurring payments




Grandma Hazel Moore

From $1k   to $70k in less than a year

from a One-Time Payment

Other Testimonials

Disclaimer: This illustration is only for educational purposes and is not intended to serve as a guarantee of income or a solicitation. Success in this business requires hard work, dedication and good sales skills. The average participant (or “Independent Business Owner”) in this business earns between $500 and $2,000 per year. Some earn less while some earn much more.

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Perry Tarawa

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